Serigr Opera Front Horse Boots Gel Lined - Brown/Titanium

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The Acavallo Opera front boots are characterized by a single elastic band that prevents the protection from slipping but at the same time, guarantees maximum freedom of movement for the horse. Thanks to the special patented Eclick hook, it is possible to release very quickly the protection, with just one movement. The particular material of the belt avoids blood flow restrictions, thus offering maximum comfort to the horse. Inside they have two gel strips that guarantee maximum stability and shock absorption. The Acavallo® Classic Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively on the skin, characteristics that allow to be used directly in contact with it. Characteristics of the Acavallo® gel: - Absorbs shocks - Relieve pressure - Lightweight - Non-toxic - Safe for use on the skin - Extreme elasticity - Easy maintenance Information and care: - Hand washable at 30 ° C with water and neutral soap - Do not use aggressive detergents - Do not tumble dry - Do not expose to direct heat or intense sunlight - Allow to dry naturally