Veneziano Jump Saddle Latex P - Black

12.300,00 kr
The VENEZIANO jumping saddle is made of full calfskin leather. The ergonomic and medium depth seat make it extremely comfortable and easy to use. Thanks to the particular composition of the nylon tree, this saddle is perfectly able to follow the movements of the horse, thus adapting to the needs of the rider. Another important and revolutionary feature of the tree is MAG system (Micrometer Adjustable Gullet). In fact, with this system it is possible to vary the width of the tree to adapt the saddle to any withers and always find the right set-up. The panels filled with latex designed to last over time, help to absorb shocks and make the seat particularly comfortable for both rider and horse. The design is refined but at the same time simple and linear, typical of Acavallo products. MAG SYSTEM Key point of the Acavallo saddle line is the revolutionary adjustment system of the opening for the withers. It works with a simple and intuitive turn of the MAG Key to perfectly adapt the saddle to the anatomy of the horse. This is possible thanks to an innovative toothed mechanism positioned inside of the saddle tree. The patent pending system allows the rider to choose the best saddle position. Even more incredible is that this operation can be performed while mounted. Unimaginable up to now with conventional saddles. Four simple movements to adjust the gullet 1 Insert the MAG key 2 Turn counterclockwise making a maximum of three turns 3 Adjust the opening of the saddle tree on the horse?s whiters 4 Turn clockwise ensuring complete closure TREE -JUMPING AND EVENTING SADDLES The medium-deep seat of Acavallo® jumping saddles allows the rider to find and keep an optimal position and balance during all phases of riding and jumping, by moving with the horse and supporting its natural jumping technique. The narrow twist of the saddle tree was especially designed to maintain the required close and constant contact with the horse. -COMPISITION Composite/Steel: Tree made of composite material with steel reinforcements. PANELS Acavallo® has built on the experience gained through years of collaboration with some of the most important and talented riders in the world. Aware of the importance of shoulder anatomy and muscle mass of the horse, Acavallo has designed large panels with anatomical supports to give maximum comfort. The materials used are natural and hypoallergenic. Capable of adapting and absorbing the stresses of every day work and the pressures that develop during all phases of movement. -LATEX PANELS Leather, felt lined and latex. Latex panels give great cushioning, are very durable and holds up well to the concussive stress of jumping. The panels do not change shape and bed down. INFO & CARE For an exclusive and innovative production Acavallo chooses only the finest materials from the best Italian tanneries. Only eco-sustainable leathers and hides have been selected without any artificial pigmentation. This complex selection process gives a natural, velvety feel. All the components selected are subjecting to a rigorous quality control before assembly. For their very nature, a number of external factors can cause a rapid ageing of the hides. To lengthen the life of the product and protect it from natural factors, we would advise to regularly clean the leather with proper glycerine soap for hides.