Quick eArtik cooling boots (Onesize)

Quick eArtik cooling boots (Onesize)



Cold therapy is one of the most effective methods for alleviating soft tissue-related aches and pains of hardworking horses.With the eArtik boots cold therapy we can aid the healing of musculoskeletal new and old injuries, and also help prevent them.Cold therapy can also become a everyday treatment for your horse. When a horse is working hard, capillaries, tendons and ligaments expand and when work stops, that excess flow can persist. With cold therapy we can close up the vessels, and restore the post workout circulatory conditions.

How to use the eArtik?

Put the gelatine bags or the entire package in the freezer for at least 2 hours. When necessary take them out from the freezer, put them on the pockets of the eArtik boots and apply on the legs of the horse.

Hot Treatment

You can also use the eArtik gelatine bags for hot treatment if required. Put the gelatine bags in the microwave oven for max 1 minute at 650W. Take them out and apply where required.

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